The Care You Deserve

OsteoArthritis Centers of America has meticulously designed the OA Centers Knee Program, an innovative and effective alternative to total knee replacement, drawing upon data collected from patient treatments spanning roughly a decade. With a success rate backed by over 20,000 patients who have undergone the Program, an impressive 95% of participants report a significant reduction in pain and enhanced functionality.

You may be a suitable candidate for the OA Center Knee Program if you:

– Suffer from joint aches in the morning
– Encounter pain while ascending or descending stairs
– Regularly rely on ibuprofen or aspirin to alleviate knee pain
– Experience knee discomfort during activities you enjoy
– Have received recommendations for knee replacement surgery

Why is the OA Center Knee Program highly successful in treating patients?

– Utilizes all-natural, FDA-approved hyaluronic acid to serve as a lubricant and shock absorber in the knee
– Employs live-motion x-ray fluoroscope technology to ensure precise injections with minimal pain
– Incorporates personalized physical rehabilitation programs, available on the Wunder-Mold website, to promote strength, endurance, and overall physical function
– Leverages clinical outcome data to continually refine the treatment program, optimizing results for each individual patient

What sets the OsteoArthritis Centers of America apart?

– The AO Centers Knee Program is exclusively offered at clinics accredited by the OsteoArthritis Centers of America, with the Center for Specialty Care being Minnesota’s sole accredited OA Center
– Demonstrated clinical success in alleviating and eliminating severe joint pain
– Expertise in non-surgical pain relief solutions
– A safe program with no reported side effects
– A customized physical rehabilitation plan for each patient, leveraging cutting-edge technology and evidence-based physical therapy methods, available at http://abetterwayinhomecare.com
– A treatment regimen with an outstanding success rate, having benefitted tens of thousands of patients