Total Hip Replacement

Nancy Bliesmer came to Center for Specialty care to take care of her hip replacements. She arrived at 6:00 A.M, In surgery by 7:00 A.M, and walking within 2 hours after surgery. She was able to walk out the door on her own by 12:00 P.M. Great patients, great doctors, great results.

“I had rotator cuff surgery March 5th, my experience was outstanding. I have been going to the Mayo for 25 years, my experience with Dr. Welchlin and his staff was AWESOME, the care from Center for Specialty Care was as good or exceeded all my experiences at Mayo.” – Dave Peterson

“The staff is amazing as is the personality and skill of the surgeon Dr. Dodds. I drove 600 miles for Dr Dodds skill! I love this practice. “ – Heidi Willison

“I had plantar fasciitis for 2 years. Tried everything. After 2 tiny incisions I was pain free in 3 weeks! Thank you Dr. Welchlin and the Center for Specialty Care. “ – Linda Larson.

“Broke my arm playing foot ball last night. Called Center for Specialty Care and they got me right in. Even got a cast with my school colors!” –Logan Zimmer

“My first half knee was done 12 years ago by Dr. Welchlin and his team. When my other knee started to hurt, I knew where to go. Both were done out patient at their surgical center. Thank you for taking my pain away and getting me walking again. -George Diemer

Dr. Welchlin made my procedure look like a piece of cake. Very comforting, very professional, all round great experience. Highly recommend Dr. Welchlin” – Justin Doeden Professional Golfer ACL reconstruction patient

Profession staff, always friendly and helpful. Lynn concentrated not only getting me well but also what my needs were at work and at home with the help of castle keepers house cleaning. She tailored my treatment to meet those needs. Lynn was always professional and cared about me as a whole person, not just treating my wrist/ hand” – Lori Bartels

“I used to suffer with sciatic nerve pain on my left leg along with some numbness. It went from my hip to my knee to my ankle. After starting decompression treatments, my pain and numbness has gone away” – Todd Edgington


Steve Anderson

Back Surgery

Steve has had both knees done by Dr. Welchlin before and recently came in for back issues. Steve did his surgery in an outpatient basis, he came in at 8:00 AM for surgery and left by 1:30Pm he walked and went home!